About Us

Our Experience


With over 8 years of protecting consumers through credit repair, we take great pride in our commitment and dedication to our customers. Our professional credit advocates have extensive training in consumer credit laws. We work with credit bureaus and the original creditors to get results and fast! ​

Our Approach


Our team will guide you through every step of the process. You get your own personal credit advocate who will go over your credit report and give a FREE consultation before you even sign up. You will have a direct line with your personal advocates info to call or email for any questions you may have.

Why Us?


  • Our team of specialists work together to ensure that all the information on your credit report is being recorded with accurate and correct information. 
  • An improvement consists of a deletion, a correction for a more positive status, or falloffs.
  • These changes lead to higher credit scores, more buying and borrowing power, more leasing power, and consumer confidence. 
  • As a customer of Credit Repair Law Pro you will ONLY pay for results. 
  • No Long term Contract/ No monthly fees



At Credit Repair Law Pro, we pride ourselves on our honest, legal representation of our customers. Pay absolutely nothing until you see results!  Not only is it fair, but it's the Law!



Follow along with your secure online portal username & password, 24 hours/day 7 days/week to track your progress.



You will pay NO fees until you see results in your online portal.

See results in as early as 30 DAYS!

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